Here's what a few of our customers have to say about their experience of the range.

My dorag is really cool! I'm proud of my purchase thanks to Lavish Atelier :)   - NOLA


It really is an awesome product. ????   - ELEANOR J'ADORE


I am loving everything...  - MARUVA


Oh wow! Thank you so much! I love everything about the do rags and the beanies. ?? - LEE


No more frizzy curls, no more struggling to make a pineapple, no more loosing my scarf during the night ???Best of all.... it's made from the softest most amazing silk which helps retain length, moisture and the shape of your curls ❤️
What more can a curly girl want?? @lavish_atelier you genius you ?  - RUTH


I have been a natural all my life but it was not until recently that I decided to take my natural hair seriously. By serious, I mean following a proper hair care regimen and giving my hair exactly what it needs in order to thrive. So early this year I simply decided that it was about time to implement some of these frequently spoken about natural hair care must-do's. Moisture, moisture, moisture resonates loudly amongst naturals. Moisture retention is of utmost importance for all hair types especially natural hair  and what better way to aid this process than with Lavish Atelier's satin lined head scarfs. I absolutely love them!  After moisturising my hair before bed, I carefully wrap my head in one of these scarfs and by the morning my hair feels nourished and soft. Apart from that, the satin helps to protect my hair from damage that may occur throughout the night from the friction caused by the rubbing of my head against a cotton pillow case. The scarf creates a smooth, non-drying surface during the night. And when I do my favourite box braids, I need not worry  about the  headscarf being big enough because it comes in a versatile design that allows for adaptability with big or small hair, to be fully covered thereby protecting your hairstyle in the process. - SAMANTHA